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Telehealth Solutions

Our telehealth solutions spans from remote monitoring, wellness and social station.

Remote monitoring gives you peace of mind that all-is-well at home. Our remote monitoring uses sensors ranging from door sensors, window sensors, bed sensors, temperature sensors, and medicine sensors.

Wellness data gathered from Sunday to Saturday provides health information. This gathered data is now a tool you or your loved-ones can provide your health-providers translating to intelligent health management. The wellness solution uses Bluetooth®-enabled medical devices. The data is uploaded wirelessly to the device which the family and relatives can remotely access the reporting of blood pressure, pulse, weight, and other health indicators of loved ones. Among the wellness devices are oxygen level meter, weighing scale, blood pressure monitor, heart rate monitor, and glucose level monitor.

Our social station devices bridge our technology-challenged loved-ones not to feel hesitant, instead be confident, in communicating using technology. Literally zero-computer knowledge is required. Thus loved-ones easily access the internet, remain connected, and relevant to the current time and this generation.

Data, Audio & Video Supplies and Equipment

We offer wide array of products. Contact us at (303)466-7781, or fill-in this form.

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